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Windows 10 Text Looks Blurry and Fuzzy

While I am still searching for this problem, I want to share it here so if someone can support and can give me a detailed answer. First-thing-first, I am on a low-end desktop PC, and I am not sure if the reason behind this problem is my low-end PC or Microsoft Windows 10. Yesterday I switched to Microsoft newly launched Windows 10 on my desktop PC which I am using since last few years regularly only for Office Work, particularly for Microsoft Office documents. I do know that it has only 256MB of graphics memory but I thought to give Windows 10 a chance to operate my PC. The upgrading process from Windows 7 (32bit Home Edition) to Windows 10, was itself so smooth and interesting that I feel its something special from Microsoft this time, and yes it is. Why I am talking only about graphics memory of my PC because Microsoft didn't mention any thing about required graphics card of amount of memory (as far as I read about it), and my RAM and Processor is enough sufficient to operate W…
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10 Must Have Mobile Accessories for Just Under $10

Selecting a mobile Carrier isn't a big problem but choosing what mobile model, its make and operating system suites your needs, is really hard. But what after you buy a smartphone? You are buying tens of things related to it, which we call Mobile Accessories, like Car charger, data cable (few people needs longer ones and sometimes more than one) and other stuff.
Mobile accessories is more important than a smartphone itself, few times, specially when you out of data and there is no near WiFi and you need to send some files from you PC to your smartphone, you need a data cable. Reason why I always buy a separate pair of accessories for both my car and my home use. Here I figure out few mobile accessories from Amazon, which must needed not only for travelers and business persons but for daily smartphone users also.
NAME ITEMDESCRIPTIONPRICEBlack Wireless BluetoothNeckband Sport Stereo Universal Headset Headphone for Smartphone. Only $6.8Dual USB Car Charger4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger…

SanDisk Ultra - Your Multimedia Storage Solution

SanDisk is a brand people trusts blindly when it comes to Multimedia storage on their gadgets.
My today's focus is on the SanDisk's best selling microSD card, in a budget range, durable and proficient. This is SanDisk Ultra 32GB and 64GB top selling component of the company, exactly what your smartphone and tablets are made for.

Expandable storage can always give you more control over your data in transferring, syncing and sharing it directly by connecting it to other devices. Unfortunately few latest gadgets don't give you any option to expand your memory as they removed the external memory slot or a well known iPhone in this case isn't having any slot for external memory, but the fact is we all need mobility when it comes to data storage, and SanDisk is serving us with best of their products. Fact is that most of our smartphones, tablets and other gadgets still has the memory slot made for SanDisk.
Shooting and save more high-quality photos and full HD videos which …

15-inch Acer Chromebook Review

Acer Launches 15-inch Chromebook At CES 2015, Intel Broadwell Chip Onboard is getting the Chromebook ball rolling at CES 2015 with the first 15-inch model.The Acer Chromebook boasts a 15.6-inch display, an industry first. Historically, Chromebooks have been small laptops, typically having screens ranging between 11- and 12-inches.  This year, however, Hewlett-Packard began marketing the first 14-inch Chromebooks, taking the Google Chrome operating system-based portables into traditional laptop territory.
It’s also joins a new crop of laptops featuring Intel's 5th Generation Core “Broadwell” processor, which is targeted at ultrathin laptops, hybrid laptop-tablets, and tablets.Another trend in Chromebooks is higher-resolution displays. In keeping with this, the Acer Chromebook 15 will have an option for a 1,920×1,080 pixel display.It weighs in at 4.85 pounds and is 0.95-inches thick

How to Allow or Block a Program through Windows Firewall

Today I will tell you how you can allow or block a program to be connected to the internet, from Control Panel but first we should know :-
Why do you need to block a program to be connected to the Internet? Well, answer is so simple, "Because I dont want to update this Program anymore from its server on the Internet." In other cases, when you crack a Software or a PC Game or download a crack for your favorite PC Game, most of the times you will see a *.*txt file inside that Crack folder giving you instructions how to install that Game. And when you see "Block this game to be connected to the Internet from Control Panel > Windows Firewall.
If you are using your PC at Home for playing games in free time, very little chances you have installed any Antivirus software in your PC or if you are using a paid version of Antivirus software, you will open it mostly once in a week. But I would suggest you should open and read what's inside settings or inside advance setting…

You Love Music - You would Like BedPhones

Before you settle in for your winter hibernation, slip on a pair of Bedphones. These foam covered headphones are less than a quarter inch thick and are designed to be worn cofortably for extended periods of time a full night's slumber, for example. The cable runs down your back, not front, and the memory wire earhooks mold to ears of all sizes.
With the free Bedphones app for Android and iOS you can set a timer to fade out your music as you drift off to dreamland. But if you love to listen your favorite track tens of time repeatedly, who wants to turn it off and go to dreamland? Find details here:

How much RAM do you really need - PC Supporter

It doesn't always needed to add more memory for better performance or in other words more memory doesn't always means better performance. In fact, you may need less RAM than you think. Darien Graham-Smith at PC Pro 2014 explains. Typically, today's budget PC's come with 4GB of RAM. A mid-range configuration may offer double that, and high-end gaming systems and workstations go as high as 16GB. There's no doubt which way the wind's blowing, either: Windows 8 supports up to 128GB of physical memory (assuming your're running the 64-bit edition), while Windows 8 Pro can go up to 512GB. Does anyone really need this much RAM? Memory isn't as expensive as it used to be, but there's obviously no point paying for gigabytes of RAM from which you'll receive no material gain.

Does more Memory means Faster Performance? Many people assume that adding memory makes a PC significantly faster, and in some cases it does. Sticking an extra pair of DIMMs into a moth…