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My display seems distorted at times.
Cause More than likely, you really need a new video card. However, if you can't change the card just yet, you might resolve the problem by adjusting the hardware features of the card. This is an easy try, so if the headache doesn't go away there is no harm done.
The Pain Killer To fix the distortion problem, follow these steps:
1. Click Start | Control Panel.
2. Open the Display icon by double-clicking it. Click the Settings tab.
3. Click the Advanced button, and then click the Troubleshoot tab, as you can see in the following illustration.
4. You can try to resolve the problem by lowering the Hardware Acceleration slider bar.
When you move the bar a notch, you'll see what display features are being removed.
You can try different settings and see if the problem is resolved.
5. Also, try clearing the Enable Write Combining check box. This may also resolve distortion problems. You'll need to experiment here to see if the settings will help you, but they may do just the trick.
6. Finally, check the controls on the monitor itself. Something in the controls might be off as well.




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