Photoshop Cs5 - Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks

A Complete Ebook of Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks of Photoshop Cs5 by Lynette Kent About Author: Lynette Kent (Huntington Beach, CA) studied art and French at Stanford University, where she received a Master’s degree. She taught at the high school and community college level before becoming an unconventional computer guru when she adopted the Mac in 1987. In her non-existent spare time, Lynette helps run the Adobe Technology Exchange of Southern California, a professional organization for photographers, graphic designers, and fine artists. Photoshop is the core application for many different types of projects from graphic design to digital photography. You can perform many different types of tasks with Photoshop, and you can use multiple methods to complete each project. Photoshop includes so many tools and panels that your screen can become cluttered, not leaving you sufficient room to work on an image. You may prefer to see only some panels and not others. You may also prefer certain tool settings to others. Customizing Photoshop’s menus and tools to work your way makes you more productive, the program more useful, and everything you do with Photoshop much more fun. With Photoshop CS5, Adobe has improved the interface and given you new ways to customize your settings. You can close some panels and open others to simplify your screen and keep only the tools you need available. You can make your own gradients, set up your own shortcuts, and design your own brushes. You can not only set up your workspace with only the panels and the tools you want for one project, you can also set up multiple workspaces, each with different tools for different projects, and switch between workspaces with one click. These may seem like boring or simplistic steps, yet by learning to customize Photoshop, you gain familiarity with the program and become more efficient as you try different projects. To download the complete Book, click the Download button below.




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