Google Chrome laptop $20 a Month “Student Package”?

Google Chrome OS Concept
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By Richard Lai
Just as we're covering up day one of Google I/O 2011, Forbes received an exciting section of information about Chrome OS. According to an unnamed senior Google executive, tomorrow's keynote will see the launch of a Chrome laptop sold as an striking $20-per-month "student package." If true, this will make a convincing option for laptop-seeking students surrounded by a limited budget (booze before books, right?), and Forbes speculates that a similar enterprise offering will follow soon -- makes sense bearing in mind Google's already cozying up to businesses with its $50-a-year Google Apps suite. Anyhow, all will be unveiled soon enough -- keep an eye out for our Google I/O day 2 liveblog tomorrow for the full Monty.

By: Charbax
Here are the prices that I am expecting:
At retail without subsidy:
ARM Cortex-A9 Powered Chrome OS notebooks:
- $99 (10.1″, 2GB RAM)
- $149 (12.1″ or 13.3″, 4GB RAM)
Intel Atom Powered Chrome OS notebooks:
- $149 (10.1″, 2GB RAM)
- $199 (12.1″ or 13.3″, 4GB RAM)
Subsidized on 2-year subscription plan:
ARM Powered Chrome OS:
- 10.1″, 2GB RAM, Free with $10/month/100mb or $20/month/1GB 3G/LTE data plan.
- 12.1″ or 13.3″, 4GB RAM, $49 with $10/month/100mb or $20/month/1GB 3G/LTE data plan.
Intel Powered Chrome OS:
- 10.1″, 2GB RAM, $49 with $10/month/100mb or $20/month/1GB 3G/LTE data plan.
- 12.1″ or 13.3″, 4GB RAM, $99 with $10/month/100mb or $20/month/1GB 3G/LTE data plan.
How the 2-year subscription works:
- The $10/month/100mb or $20/month/1GB 3G/LTE data plans can easily get more bandwidth added to them through one-click bandwidth increase option in settings at a rate something like $1/100mb or $10/2GB type of increments, such extra bandwidth could be added and be used during a month after being added for example. Bandwidth addicts might spend a lot of money on a lot of 3G/LTE bandwidth this way.
- Google could sell these Chrome OS plans to and Google Apps users. The ARM Powered Chrome OS notebook might get 1 free hardware upgrade/exchange per year (with 2-year subscription contract extension), the Intel Powered Chrome OS notebook might allow hardware upgrade/exchange per year for a $99 payment (with 2-year subscription contract extension).
- Google might include a bunch of online storage with this subscription, for example 100GB, storage space usable for Gmail, Docs, Picasaweb and other upcoming Google Cloud Storage services. All data on a Chrome OS notebook (as well added through SD card or even USB hard drive) can automatically get synchronized with the Google cloud storage services. More storage can also easily be purchased in a one-click process.
- Also part of this subscription system, Google takes a consumers payment informations, either credit card or even direct bank account informations, and provides one-click shopping solution as well across all Google Checkout services. Thus monetizing more online sales and also making it easier for consumers to buy things online.




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