E3 2011 brought The New Wii U Controller in review

Source: USA Today


At the Nokia Theater in Los Angele,  Nintendo announced a new system called Wii U, having roughly size of a Tablet.


With its new support, Nintendo is looking to open a new window on video games.


The device measures 8 inches including 6.2 inches of a touchscreen, while a couple extra inches on each side to accommodate a pair of thumb-sticks. A traditional directional pad and face buttons. Above the touchscreen is a front-facing camera, and right below are the Home, Start and Select buttons and the microphone. On the bottom right is a battery indicator and Power button. A built-in gyroscope and accelerometers will let players affect game play by moving the display, even in a 360-degree manner. The controller also has built-in speakers and the controller is also a self-contained gaming device that can play games without using the TV as a display.

New Nintendo Wii U game console video

The console delivers 1080 progressive high-definition video on proprietary discs that are the same size as current Wii game discs. A video shown during Nintendo's E3 press event showed that the controller display could be used as a Web browser and a video chat device.

It has a left and right analog stick, traditional D-pad for up, down, left and right movement, as well as A, B, X and Y buttons. Left and right shoulder buttons, as well as left and right triggers, are on board.

Nintendo plans to launch the system sometime after April 1, 2012. So be ready for new touchscreen game console from Nintendo.

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