Seagate Reveals World’s Thinnest Portable Drive

Source: PC Advisor Magazine [Jul 11]

9mm-thick GoFlex is significantly slimmer than Seagate’s existing GoFlex line-up.


Seagate has exposed what it claims is the world’s slimmest claims is the word’s slimmest portable hard drive. The 160g GoFlex Slim is just 9mm thick, which is meaningfully slimmer than the firm’s 14mm-thick GoFlex portable drive.


The drive’s width is about that of a pencil, and not much larger than many smartphones.


Inside is a version of the 7mm-thick Momentus Thin drive, announced in 2009 for smaller and thinner laptops and netbooks. Despite having only a 1mm-thick protective casing, the GoFlex Slim has shock absorption built in.

Netbooks and slim laptops are great for overwhelming media, but are limited when it comes to creating and storing HD films and photos,” said Seagate’s retail storage vice-president, Patrick Connolly.

The technical specs include a 7,200rpm spin speed and USB 3.0 connectivity. There’s no encryption technology built in, although an unnamed backup suite lets you apply 192bit DES security.


The GoFlex Slim drive was expected to go on sale in the US at press time, costing $99 for the entry-level 320GB model. Exact UK pricing and details about larger-capacity versions have yet to be accounced.

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