What to Expect From Windows 8?

What will Windows 8 look like? The first Service Pack for Windows 7 has only just landed, but leaked pre-beta builds of the next version can already be found on the web, offering a snitch peak at features ahead of their expected official opening at Microsoft’s Professional Developers’ Conference in September. 
Windows 8 is broadly expected to assume a more tablet-focused design, but the leaked builds submit more changes are happening, with screenshots indicating a Windows Phone impact on the desktop OS and that the Ribbon interface from Office will show up in Explorer.
Another supposed change is the addition of an app store – which may explain the ongoing legal battle over that term with Apple – as well as ISO mounting, a new installation system, and Windows’ own PDF reader. Other screenshots show a restored version of Task Manager, as well as cloud-based syncing of user profiles and settings, which should make this edition more “User Friendly”.
Rafael Rivera” is half of a Windows focused blogging and authoring duo, who considered the builds to pick out the most exciting features. He’s persuaded the build are genuine. “Microsoft, as part of its build process, digitally signs all operating system files.”
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