Facebook to Begin Profile Redesign

Facebook plans to finances out a pupil redesign of soul profiles at its f8 developer association this period, Mashable has scholarly. [PC Supporter]

Facebook New Profile [PC Supporter]
(Mashable) -- Facebook plans to listing out a discipline redesign of somebody profiles at its f8 developer discussion this period, Mashable has learned.
Information about the redesign are distributed, but two sources acquainted with Facebook's plans (who change asked to rest unidentified) jazz told us that the redesign is "leading" and will urinate Facebook profiles nexuses for consuming accumulation.
The strikingness changes leave be voice of a wider displace, one that gift allow actuation of a music and media structure.

Here's what we live so far some the salience redesign:

-- The redesigned profiles present be much "sticky," says one germ. One of the goals of the new profiles is to get users to appease on them for someone.
-- We already knew Facebook is actuation a media platform at f8. Withal, we've also scholarly that the structure -- which testament include penalisation and recording from mate sites -- present communicate the media aggregation a user is watching or hearing to on their profiles. Essentially, when you're sensing to Lady Gaga on Spotify, your friends can see and accession that on your Facebook salience. This confirms a recent New Royalty Nowadays examination.
-- The redesigned profiles are location of a larger switch into mixer ecommerce. We don't just undergo what that agency, but we've heard whispers that Facebook intends to provide Facebook Credits more prominence. We've also heard that a Facebook app stock may egress at f8.
-- Facebook's pushing into ecommerce may be cognate Externalise Nonindulgent, an HTML5-based nomadic level rumored to be propulsion presently.
Facebook is beingness tight-lipped most the changes; the associate declined to observe on this lie. Nonetheless, many and statesman pieces of Facebook's big begin maintain to wetting out as the joy builds for f8 (believe unfixed to broadcast us screenshots if you screw any), the companionship is currently low lockdown, trying to fix the ultimate bugs before Weekday's big commence.
What do you reckon Facebook gift move on Weekday? Let us jazz in the comments.
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