Lets You Create Naturally – Corel Painter 12 - Review

The Allure of painting on a PC with something “just like watercolor” has tempted both developers and users for years, and Corel Painter 12 brings that dream closer to reality than ever before.
The first thing that struck me is the new Real brushes set. I selected a Real Watercolor brush and then clumsily scratched away on my Wacom tablet. When I stopped, my “paint” strokes blended into the “paper,” diffused, and “dried” in from of my eyes, fading slightly.
Out of the box, Painter has 700 brushes, but you can also choose a paper type from a rich library, and create
new textures.
Although, the new brushes seem computationally intensive, Painter 12 was quite speedy (and my test PC is no monster). It did slow down a bit when I used the Real Wet Oil brush with gleeful abandon, but I did not see such a lag with Real Watercolor. Among other new features, Painter has Mirror Painting mode for creating symmetrical objects, as well as the funky Kaleidoscope mode.
Painter 12 is one of the most inspiring and striking applications I’ve seen. If you’ve ever wanted to draw with “natural” media on your PC, it will blow you away.
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Painter 12
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