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  • Canon Selphy CP800 Printer:  ( Plug in a USB stick memory card or PictBridge camera and print 4x6in pictures in under a minute. There’s a 2.5in colour LCD screen to help you find your pictures, but there’s no folder navigation so you have to pick through them with arrow keys, which is a pain. Another letdown was that it didn’t recognise a lot of our test images.

  • Breffo Spiderpodium docks:  ( With their bendy legs and rubberised finish, these docks will stand your phone or tablet at any angle on a flat surface. The really clever bit is when you put them to use away from your desk: the legs enable you to hang your device from just about anything. They also fold down neatly to fit easily in a bag.

  • View Quest Slate2 tablet:  ( At £200 this tablet, which comes with an 8in, 800x600 screen, lies at the cheaper end of the market. And it’s a good example of why choosing an offering at the price point may not deliver the best value for money. When we put the Slate2 to use at a conference, it crashed a lot, and the interface was quite clunky and upolished. The Slate2 seems like something that’s been rushed out before it’s ready. Too many things don’t work; it feels like a prototype.

  • NUT iPhone case:  ( If you’re an outdoors person, or just particularly accident-prone, you’ll like this super-tough case for the iPhone 3G/3GS. it completely encases your phone in hard plastic with rubberised edges to shield it from dirt, knocks and scrapes. The case is weatherproof, but you can’t immerse it in water. You can still use the touchscreen. With this case you can confidently take your phone ito situations where you’d otherwise have left it at home.




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