iPod Battery - Instructions Of Replacing It

iPod battery replacements with these easy steps. Please be forewarned that although replacing the battery is a breeze, it will void your warranty with Apple. I don't want to be held liable for the harm done to your iPod because of this article, so do this at your own risk.
Things you should understand before replacing your iPod battery:

Ipod Battery - Instructions Of Replacing It

1. Apple has an official out-of-warranty battery replacement program for $59 + $6.95 shipping in the United States(see Europe and Canada pricing). The policy requires that you send in your iPod (any model), and Apple will switch the battery and send it to you for $59 plus handling and shipping. Technically, Apple indeed replaces your whole unit with an equivalent new model or factory-refurbished model in a brand new case, with its own 90-day service warranty; if it was already engraved by Apple, it will be engraved over again.iPod Battery
2. The iPod warranty is one year but you can increase it for two years with AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod. Many merchants have low priced extended warranty coverage available and often these plans simply replace the product with a corresponding new unit.
3. Over time, the battery will not keep the same amount of charge as when it was newly purchased. This is natural, and exists to all lithium ion batteries. This continued degradation will not affect, or be found by, most users during the life of their iPod. %Nevertheless%, based on usage, environmental factors, and several other variables, some heavy users may realize a great degradation than others. It is important to understand that this is the exact same degradation that would happen with any lithium ion battery employed in any laptop, cell phone, portable music player, etc.
4. The iPod's case is not planned to be opened, so, in that respect, it's not what would broadly be referred to as "user-replaceable". Nevertheless, with the right set of tools you can replace the iPod battery yourself and avoid all the hassle by going through Apple.
Step 1 - Buy an iPod battery online or in a retail store closest you. iPod batteries sells for as low as $11. You have to be certain that the replacement battery you buy is for your iPod.
Step 2 - Turn out your iPod and set the hold button to the on position. Get a flathead screwdriver, as thin as possible but oftentimes the retail store that ships you the battery will supply you a tool. In any case, you must open up the unit by putting the tool or screwdriver between the plastic and the metal. Once you feel a clip, pry it ever so gently. Keep going around the iPod, opening up each latch.
Step 3 - You are going to have to apply that tool or screwdriver again to pull out the battery from the hard drive. Once taken out, disconnect it from the board.
Step 4 - Plug in the newly purchased battery to the board of the iPod (where you unplugged the old battery) and set it on the glue that stayed on the hard drive. Make sure that the battery and the wires are set properly so you can actually close the iPod. Snap the case back together, you'll hear it when it's finished!
Step 5 - Switch on and charge the device. That's it and your iPod battery is successfully replaced.




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