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According to owner of Samsung RC520-S02UK, they are mostly happy with its battery life and keyboard size mostly, others are excited about Extreme & Quick Performance of the RC520. Screen size is still not yet discussed by any of these respective owners, but the nVidia GeForce GT520M chip with 1 GB of memory & 6 GB of RAM can hold you entertained,
while playing games, editing or watching Full HD videos. With high resolution WXGA and extremely graphical quality of its 15.6 inches of screen, you can see all the stuff around the corners while working on software or games, requiring a much bigger area to show its menus or items. Some of the latest games require higher resolution to be played smoothly on nVidia Graphic Chip and Samsung RC520-502UK having no problem to play efficiently “Sims, Empire & Shogun II Total War” with high graphics settings, according to owners of the Samsung RC520-S02UK.
Samsung RC520-S02UK Pictures
Alongside playing games and watching movies on Samsung RC520-S02UK, some owners write their comments on large data storage space (750 GB) that “The large hard drive (partitioned) aids simple backing up of files etc; and plugging in an old hard drive worked perfectly to back up several thousand pictures.”
The Intel Core i5 (i5-2410M) Processor (2 Cores), with support of 6 GB of RAM boost the startup screen, and you no need to wait for startup if you ever shut it down.
Complaining about Samsung RC520-S02UK Laptop’s weight, an owner wrote that “Slightly heavy so its slightly uncomfortable if you want to lay it on your lap.” But the weight of this model should eventually acceptable for your laps comparing to other models of Samsung.
Samsung RC520-S02UK having good sound quality. It also support upto 4 USB ports, external USB Keyboard, Mouse & Pen or Touchpad devices. 
We also find some other news from owners of Samsung RC520-S02UK related to its Good trackpad (some can be sticky or not feel nice) & soundless Processor & body fans.
A complain of an owner, related to unavailability of FireWire, he said “No Firewire Connection (woulda been nice).” But as all the devices don’t have 100% of all features, in my review, I considered that the Samsung RC520-S02UK is a best computer for PC Gamer and Office worker, both of the users.

Released Date 01 Aug 2011
Screen Size in inches
Screen size is measured diagonally from corner to corner
15.6 Inches
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium
Ram in GB 6 GB
Number of Cores 2 Cores
Hard Disk Capacity in GB 750 GB
Screen Resolution (pixels) 1280x768 (WXGA)
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Core i5
Processor Number i5-2410M
Processor Speed (GHz) 2300 GHz
USB Ports 4
Integrated Webcam Yes
WiFi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Fingerprint Access No
Remote Control No
DVD Writer DVD-Writer
Card Reader 4 in one Card Reader
Weight 2.48 kg
Graphic Card Chip nVidia
Graphic Card Chip Model GeForce GT520M
Graphics Memory 1024 MB (1 GB)
Firewire No
TV Output Yes
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Video Editing Card No
Hard Drive Type Hard Disk Drive
TV Card No




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