Securing Your Network

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Securing Your Network.

Network ServiceA broadband Internet connection is typically an always-on connection. That is, as long as you leave your modem, router, and computer on, you’re connected to the Internet. This makes your network more vulnerable to attacks from snoopy people and perhaps even Internet vandals. With the proper know-how, someone on the Internet can con­nect to your computer, peek at your documents, and even destroy valuable data.

You can’t completely protect your computer or network from such threats, but you can significantly deter potential break-ins by implementing various security measures.

Things You Need to Know.

114To network your computers, install a single, centralized router and make sure each computer you want on the network has a compatible network adapter or LAN port.
Learn how to adjust your router settings to enable its firewall, enter encryption settings, and specify a passphrase that all computers need to log on to the network.
To share files, folders, and other network resources, create a homegroup and have all networked computers join the homegroup.




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