Xbox Games And Add-Ons

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Xbox Games And Add-Ons

Technology has seen the unfolding of gaming consoles, with Microsoftjoining in to take hold of the market share. Officially launched in November 2001, the Xbox 360 is now an obsession amongst youngsters and game lovers of all ages across the world. When it comes to choosing Xbox 360 games, there are many options. So, browse through the much admired picks amongst the hottest games that one should never miss at any cost.
'Gears of War 3'- one of the most purchased Xbox 360 games of today is a third-person shooter game featuring new playable characters, weapons and a new four-player co-op mode. In Gears of War 3, humankind battles with The Locust over and above a new threat, The Lambent. Created by Epic Games in collaboration with Microsoft Games Studio, this shooter game is exclusively for Xbox owners. Batman- Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Dantes Inferno, Dragonball Burst Z limit, etc. are some of other popular Xbox 360 games.
Most people these days love to play online games and Xbox live was thus introduced to enhance online gaming experience and moreover the appearance of the game. Since 2002, Xbox Live has been exceptionally successful. There are two kinds of subscriptions offered for the Xbox Live service: Gold and Silver. The Silver subscription is complimentary and allows basic online functionalities; whereas Gold membership includes all the advantages of Silver membership and provides the user the ability to play online with other Xbox Live Gold members. Gold membership comes at prices ranging from Rs. 1,300 for 3 month's membership up to Rs. 2,999 for a year. Besides Gold subscription, you can buy Microsoft Points which are used to purchase games, game expansions, and other downloadable stuffs. It also allows users to pay for videos and television episodes from the Marketplace, and is exploitable throughout other services that use Microsoft points such as the Zune marketplace, from where one can easily download music and videos.
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And, for the Ultimate controller free gaming experience, Microsoft recently has introduced the much anticipated Kinect accessory for Xbox that enables the player to interface with the 360 and its games with motion sensitive gestures. This remarkable new technology combines the use of a video camera, voice recognition software plus smart motion sensors makes gaming absolutely controller-free and voice activated. Kinect Sports, Kinectimals, Dance Central, Kinect Joy Ride, etc. are some of the exclusively created Kinect games for Xbox 360.





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