5 Smartphons that suits your needs

Smartphone that suits you wellChoosing a smartphones for your initial and entertainment needs is still not so easy to compromise with, because all the latest phones are ingenious, but make sure you get the right one to suit your needs, which are reviewed underneath category wise. Read and share if you like it.

Best for Apps

Apple iPhone 4s | £499 approx.

Apple is renowned for its huge app store – far bigger than those for Android and Windows – and its latest feature is another iPhone exclusive.
Siri, the voice controlled assistant, can intelligently recognize your spoken requests and source information from the web, working with WiFi and 3G. You can also dictate messages or notes with a simple tap of the microphone button, while future upgrades should enable Siri to locate nearby businesses such as restaurants and more.

Best for Business

BlackBerry Bold 9900 | £420 approx.

A 71mm touchscreen and an easy-to-use Qwerty keyboard make this BlackBerry, powered by a 1.2GHz processor, essential kit for business. Its notifications are configured to keep you on top of your workload and with BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, you can easily restore all your vital contacts from a previous model. It also has a chip for contactless payments – common in the US and growing in the UK – making it perfect for lunchtime meetings on the move.

Best for Adventure

Motorola Defy+ | £244.99 approx.

Now upgraded to be faster and last longer, the Defy+ remains the stand-out choice for any adventurer. It can survive being immersed 3ft (91cm) in water and its Corning Gorilla Glass is scratch and dust-proof. To further support your outdoor experience it comes with a preloaded Cardio Trainer app to monitor your progress, and with Motorola Media Link you can stream workout playlists from your desktops at home or work to enjoy wherever your travels take you.

Best for Music

HTC Sensation XE | £465.95 approx.

HTC has collaborated with Beats Audio to set the standard in mobile phone sound quality. The Sensation XE comes with bespoke earphones, which, when plugged in, tailor the phone’s EQ settings to the optimum sound profile for the music that’s playing. The result is a deeper bass and sharper vocals. The noise-cancelling microphones also improve cal quality and a 32GB microSD card adds to the phone’s 4GB of storage for your music collection.

Best for Camera

Samsung Galaxy SII | £409.99 approx

With its vast 109mm touchscreen and lightning fast dual-core 1.2GHz processor, this handset gets the best out of its camera without compromising the rest of its impressive features.
It has full HD video-recording capability and an 8-Megapixel camera with LED flash, assisted by a touch-to-focus function and multiple scene modes. It even has Flash-supported web browsing, so you can watch your clips on YouTube. It’s available free on a Vodafone contract.




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