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You can be more efficient and boost your productivity with the help of some software designed to help you get your job done on a desktop, laptop or mobile (smartphone) device. By Jill Duffy

Top Productive AppsGadgets and devices are one thing, but the software and apps that runs on them is another, and it’s at the level of apps and services that we actually get things done.
Today we will make an overview of 4 Top Handy Productive apps for Android and Apple devices.

For Android Devices

Smartr Contacts for Android

Smartr Contacts for Android (free), formerly called Xobni for Android, creates a comprehensive picture of your contacts. Xobni is the company that makes the app, and it has been a relatively big name in contact management. The free app, which requires a Xobni account (also free) gathers your contacts from Gmail or Outlook, and finds additional information about them, including headshots, from Linkdin, Facebook, and Twitter, and meetings or text messages. For keeping up with email from your Android phone, Smartr Contacts can increase your productivity by removing a lot of the legwork that can sometimes be involved in keeping in touch. It orders your connections by how often you communicate, rather than alphabetically. And it handily merges multiple emails, so if you have an outdated email address for someone, but she has uploaded the most recent one to another platform, Smartr can find it.

SugarSync for Android

Android users looking for a way to make their files and photos available from anywhere should definitely check out SugarSync. It’s similar to Dropbox, but you get more space, 5GB, with a free account (Dropbox gives you 2GB). When your files are available to you from everywhere and automatically synchronized, you never waste time trying to sort out which version of what file you put where. Some of SubarSync’s goodies are hard to find, and others are hard to use, but for Android users looking for a more full featured alternative to DropBox, SugarSync is a pretty sweet deal.

For Apple Devices

Keynote (for iPhone)

Apple’s PowerPoint equivalent for iPhone is one of those marvels of software design, allowing you to easily and powerfully create compelling presentations on a device that fits in your pocket. It’s a dream for frequent flyers, especially those who are typically headed to a place where they will have to give a presentation or speech.

iWork for iPad

(how to use guide here)
With Apple’s iWork for iPad suite of office applications, Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets, and Keybote for presentations, you can do real work on iPad. This tablet version offers only a basic subset of features and functions compared to the high-powered OSX Version of iWork. The iPad’s cramped on-screen keyboard can slow down productivity, so if you’re serious about using the iPad for work, pick the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock ($69 direct), too.




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