Top 5 Social Sites | Overview

Top 5 Social sites are listed below, undiscovered till end of 2011. Go and share your photos and interest with million of people, waiting for you.

Top 5 Social Sites Pinterest

Currently operating in invitation only open beta, this new social photo-sharing Website lets users “pin” images to virtual vision boards. Using the “Pin It” button, users can tag photos from anywhere on the Web to different categories like Hole Decor, Technology, Sports, Art & Craft, and Men’s Apparel. It’s the virtual equivalent of dog-earing a page in a magazine, but makes the data much simpler to organize and retrieve.

If every picture both tells a story and is worth a thousand words, then it fellows that it takes more than 140 characters to get the full picture. Storify lets users weave tales of events from various social media threads like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.

Why just slap up photos when Erly helps you and friends create collections of your shared memories? Everyone’s content is pulled together in one album full of images, videos, status updates and notes. You send the URL for the collection out and others can contribute. This could be the event scrapbook and the meeting minutes of the future.

Canvas is a great place to get your fill of fun and interesting remixed images posted from users all over the Internet, and what you see is probably safe-for-work. The site is a curated home of interned messages, videos and pictures even your mother could love. And even better,  Canvas provides the tools to help you make some of your own.
What if instead of tweeting, you chimed? Unlike the current social networks, the new is not about people and profiles, but is organized around topics. People who log in using their Facebook and Twitter accounts can participate in “Chimes” around their topics of choice, building a community on the fly. If you make a community, you can even put on ads to monetize it.




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