Toshiba Portege Z835-P330 | Lightest Ultrabook


A lightest ultrabook yet, having full feature set, with extras like USB 3.0, WiDi 2.0 and full sized HDMI. Longest battery life in the Ultrabooks’ category.

The Toshiba Portege Z835-P330 is the newest member of the Portege line, and it’s Toshiba’s first ultrabook. Available exclusively through Best Buy, the Portege Z835-P330 is currently the cheapest of the news slim laptop category of ultrabooks, selling for just under $800. It also has a featherweight chassis, an unusually full feature set, and a long-lasting battery that will take you through an entire workday. Whether or not those highlights are enough to make you overlook its middling performance and mediocre graphics capability is up to you.

The Z835-P330’s solid feel is especially surprising given its size (0.6 by 14.4 by 8.9 inches, HWD) and weight just 2.4 pounds.
The Z835-P330 sports a 13.3 inch wide screen display, with 1,336 by 768 resolution. The screen is backlit (400 nits) for visibility in environments with lots of ambient light. It also offers fairly wide viewing angles, providing clear visibility for yourself and anyone else you want to share the screen with.
There’s very little room for air flow i this slim chassis, and during testing, the Toshiba got very hot up to 102-degree Fahrenheit on the keyboard and 110-degrees on the underside. Granted, our testing process may push the components a bit harder than the average user would, but you still might want to watch out for a possible case of toasted leg syndrome.
The Z835-P330 has a 128GB solid state drive (SSD), which is large enough to accommodate the operating system, a healthy number of programs, and a modest selection of media.
The Z835-P330 is equipped with a low voltage dual-core Intel Core i3-2367M processor paired with 4GB of RAM. It’s a significant step up from the AMD and Intel Atom CPUs found in traditional netbooks, but it’s not as powerful as the Core i5s that have appeared in the MacBook Air 13-inch, the Asus UX31, or the Acer S3.
The battery lasted 7 hours 35 minutes in testing period (PC MAG testing), a full hour longer than the 6:32 offered by the Asus UX31 (with a 50Wh battery), and an additional 2 hours longer than either the MacBook Air or Acer S3.
The Toshiba Portege Z835-P330 may not be the best ultrabook on the market, but it does stand out due to its light weight, exceptional feature set, and category leading battery life.
At last if you favor portability over performance, the Z835-P330 is a solid choice. [Brian Westover]




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