Android Phone to PC | Send files via Software Data Cable

Click here to DownloadHave you ever wanted to transfer files between your Android phone or other mobile device and your computer without the hassle of cables? Consider Software Data Cable (for Android) a free app providing file transfers via Wi-Fi.

The app has downloaded from the Android Market and tested on a Droid 2. Installation was no-fuss and took a scant few seconds.
The app’s main display buttons are Start Service, Stop & Exit, and Settings. While the display does show ads, that’s to be expected in a free app. Once running, my mobile device was assigned an IP address doled out from my wireless network’s DHCP server. The app then tells you to input the address displayed (the IP address assigned to the mobile device) into your computer. Once I put the address into my browser, a page opened up, listing the entire file directory of my Android device. On my Android, I also noticed the app showed the total and available storage capacity of my Droid 2 handy for knowing how much data you can transfer.
Back to the desktop side, because the Android’s directory is shown using FTP, you can also view the directory structure in Windows Explorer. It’s a great feature because you can copy a file from your desktop to your Android device using Explorer’s drag-and-drop capabilities or Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V (for copy & past in Windows Explorer). I copied a 25MB video from my Windows 7 PC to my Droid 2 in about a minute and 20 seconds.
I also was able to copy pictures from my phone to my laptop as easily as copying and pasting files between two folders in Windows.
Another great feature of this app is file and folder management on the device. I am not the most skilled at navigating my Droid’s data folders, always afraid it will accidentally delete something important. But Software Data Cable gives you a full graphical representation of all the files on a mobile device and option for copy, cut, and delete, as well as the ability to navigate to a parent directory and create new folders.
Software Data Cable is dead simple, and delivers great file management between a computer and Android device provided both can connect to the same wireless network. It’s an easy pick for a user spending more time on his Windows PC or Laptop while in home or in office because its simplicity and efficiently a great free app.




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