Apple is ready to Birth iPad 3 | What’s Changed

Apple to unveil iPad 3 on March 7 in San Francisco: confirmed. By Andrew Couts | Digital Trends.


Apple has sent our invitations to its iPad 3 event, to be held on March 07. Event venue is Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

The invitation includes the words, “We have something you really have to see. And touch.” Well known for its enigmatic invitations, Apple is likely alluding to the next generation iPad’s new screen, which is expected to have twice the resolution of the iPad 2.


Is there no home button included? | CNET / Apple

No home button was in picture that was an invitation card or a first look picture from Apple received to CNET . The simplest explanation here is that it's a photo of (what is presumably) an iPad 2 on its side, something that's not that much of a stretch given that the iPad's been designed to work the same no matter which end is down.

What changes are expected in the new Apple iPad 3



Last year, Apple introduced Siri to the iPhone 4S. So far, the technology isn’t running on any of the company’s other products. However, chances are that Apple will be bringing Siri to the iPad 3 as it starts to roll out the feature across its product line. I’m sure you’re awfully excited to hear that.

Retina Display?

Apple’s Retina Display is wildly popular on the iPhone and iPod Touch. But the time has come for Apple to deliver the same feature to the iPad. After all, Retina Displays really are the future of screen technology, and not to bring it to its flagship mobile product would be a mistake on Apple’s part.

4G support?

One of the things missing in the iPad 2 is 4G connectivity. In order to connect to the Web when you’re away from a WiFi signal, you’ll need to connect to 3G. And as you know, 3G is so 2010. It would be awfully nice if Apple offers up 4G in the iPad 3 and finally matches the many competitors that are already offering the technology.




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