Top 10 iOS 5 Tips & Features

iOS 5 is an incredibly complex operating system, filled with hundreds of innovative, undocumented little touches, just waiting for your to stumble upon them. Here are Top 10 iOS 5 Tips & Tricks which will definitely helps you a little.

 Quick Split the Keyboard on iPad Quick Split the Keyboard on iPad

You can hold down the keyboard icon on the iPad’s digital keyboard to bring up a menu option to split the keyboard for more natural thumb-typing, but there’s a much faster way. Simply hold down on the keyboard with two fingers and spread them apart. The keyboard will split in half, just like that. Splitting your keyboard with this gesture is fast and easy, but not something you’ll likely stumble upon by accident.



Swipe to Seven-Day ForecastSwipe to Seven-Day Forecast

In Notification Center, switching between seven-day forecasts and a single-day forecast with more information is as easy as swiping the weather banner in either direction. A more detailed one-day forecast is just a swipe away.


Move the Split Keyboard on iPadMove the Split Keyboard on iPad

The iPad’s split keyboard is great, but positions itself in a weird spot—somewhere about halfway up the screen. that’s fine if you’re typing at the very top of the screen, but the second the text reaches your fingers, there’s no way to see what you’re typing. Fortunately, you can move that keyboard. Just touch and hold the keyboard button in the bottom right, and slide your finger up and down. The keyboard will follow. finally an iPad keyboard we can use !!!

Add iMessage Notifications to iPad

Add iMessage Notifications to iPad

Having a way to message friends on your iPad is great, but putting them in Notification Center is a must. Head to Settings > Notifications > Messages and slide the first item, Notification Center, to ON. Tapping the message will bring you right to the last sent item in your exchange.




Change Fonts in Notes Change Fonts in Notes

Marker Felt is no longer the default font in the Notes app, but unfortunately it’s been replaced by something just as cartoony. If you’d like to change your font, open Settings and tap Notes. Our advice? Change it to the universally loved Helvetica. Your notes will look much more professional. Finally a Notes font option that doesn’t make us feel like 12 year olds !!!



Shut Off Repeat Alerts Shut Off Repeat Alerts

A gentle reminder that you have an unread text message works well for some people, but others will be annoyed by the persistent buzzing of their phones. To shut off repeat alerts for messages, head to Settings > Notifications > Messages. Scroll down, tap Repeat Alert, and change to Never. Or, if you want to seem really popular, go ahead and crank that bad boy up to 10…



Turn on Private Browsing Turn on Private Browsing

Shopping for Summer season? Just head to Settings > Safari > and swipe on Private Browsing. Nothing you search for will be cached, so your wife will never know you’ve been looking at the Gift you buy from a Store online. You’ll know you’re using Private Browsing by the sleek black borders…




Swipe to Camera Roll Swipe to Camera Roll

iOS 5 provides quick access to your Camera Roll while you’re in the middle of shooting. While the camera is open, simply swipe from left to right and your Camera Roll will appear. Continue swiping from left to right to flip through your images. If you go too far, tap once to reveal the onscreen toolbar with image controls, and hit Done to immediately return to your camera. Swiping from the Camera app to the Camera Roll is especially great when you’re tired of your ugly mug…



Create Custom Vibration Alerts Create Custom Vibration Alerts

Customizing vibration alerts is easy in iOS 5, but the first step is to make sure the option is turned on. Head to Settings > General, scroll to the bottom and tap Accessibility. Under Hearing, turn on Custom Vibrations. Next, head to Contacts, open a contact, scroll to Vibration and choose Create New Vibration. The iPhone will allow you to tap or hold the screen to make all-new vibration patterns for each contact. Custom Vibrations combinations are limitless, and allow you to record extra long patterns.

Add Twitter Usernames to Contact Cards

Add Twitter Usernames to Contact Cards

First, visit Settings > Twitter, and sign in using your account. Then tap Update Contacts. Twitter will use email addresses and phone numbers from your previously organized contacts to add Twitter handles and photos to each contact it can find. Importing Twitter usernames can give you a good idea of how tech-savvy your friends are. We only had five friends with Twitter handles…




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