BlackBerry Curve 9220–Overview

The most affordable RIM device with better battery life in the market for now.

Billed as the most affordable BlackBerry device, the new Curve 9220 is the successor to the older, and hugely popular in the market. The new Curve 9220 sports almost an identical size and design as the older 8520, (which is also a well known RIM device), but Curve 9220 has physically very identical and easy to press soft-keys for Call, Menu, Return, and End which is a nice addition, while the old 8520 have very flat soft-keys which were sometime make very hard to press.

As far as looks of the phone go, there’s nothing special to write or discuss about. It’s a signature BlackBerry smartphone, and the one most affordable in price range. 

The BlackBerry Curve 9220’s 1450mAh big battery is rather the best thing about the phone itself. On our testing base, we gets through a 24 hours on a fully charged battery and remains upto 20%. Beside all good things, one very regular feature sorely missed, which is GPS, and also apps with location requirement  are also dispatched.

The Curve 8520 users will find their experience on the Curve 9220 almost heavenly, It actually seems on par with the 9300, and that’s probably also to do with the fact that the 9220 has double the memory specs. Regarding to IN and OUT call quality, this is a pretty standard BlackBerry handheld smartphone with great voice clarity until you drop to about one third signal strength. BlackBerry OS 7.1 feels good overall, but not as polished as some of its competitors.

Do you go after this device? If you want a brand new BlackBerry in a range of your pocket-money, this is it. If you only want BBM and you are not crazy about new apps, stick with the Curve 8520, but if you want GPS and 3G inside your budget, go and get Curve 3G 9300.




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