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Desktop PC Accessores | AeroCool X-Vision Monitor Your PC’s Temperature & Fan Speed in Real Time.

aerocool_x_vision_pc_inbox_overviewIf you want to monitor the temperatures inside your desktop and control fan speed, check out this cool accessory the AeroCool’s X-Vision. The 5.25-inch display fits into the optical drive cage of your desktop, so you can easily monitor temperatures. AeroCool includes five heat sensors that you can attach to the key heat generating components of your PC, including the CPU cooler if available, graphic cards, memory and hard drive. X-Vision also includes five 3-pin fan connectors that you can connect to the system fans inside your case to display the fan’s RPM and Power Supply voltage. The X-Vision also allows you to control the RPM speed of the fans, rear fan and CPU fan, if you want to reduce system noise turn fans off, or increase cooling turn fans on.

PC Inbox Overview

With AeroCool X-Vision, you can set up temperature maximums to alert you when a component is too hot.

The AeroCool X-Vision can monitor and control up to five fans inside the case.

Five heat sensors give you the tools to monitor key hardware inside your desktop.




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