How to Google 2-Steps Verification - Sync With Google Authenticator App


google authGoogle 2-steps verification gives you a total security on all Google apps & services  like Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Store and many other services, by sending you a six digits verification code on your phone or on Google Authenticator app - available for Android, Apple and BlackBerry. This six digit code should be input whenever you log-in to your Google account for verification after you turned on the 2-steps verification.

Besides that, if you are going to log-in and you can’t receive a verification code or you don’t have any device – Google Authenticator app installed on: Google alternatively gives you 10 more backup verification codes – you can put them in your wallet or save them to a file on your computer. You can use them when you have no mobile coverage.

After turning on the 2-steps verification - you can use both ways either text messaging or Google Authenticator app to get a six digit verification code for logging into Google services.

Lets how to turn on the Google 2-steps verification on step by step:-

1. You must have a Google account – already verified by a text message or by a voice call with your cell phone or a landline number.

2. Go to and Sign-in with your current Email address and Password.

3. After log-in to your Google account, on the upper right corner – click on your profile picture, and click Account, here you can see all your Account information on the that page.

4. Inside “Security” tab (showing on left side-bar) you will find “2-steps verification” text with an Edit button on the right side (as shown in the picture below) click on Edit. You will prompt for Password again, just type your Password and Sign-in again. Its only for verification this time.


5. Now here is the Setup starts. Click on Start Setup to go to next step.


6.  The next step is to input your phone number you want to connect with Google services, and choose an option how you want to get a verification code for the next step (Step 7), and click Send Code (the Send Code button is not shown in this picture, but you can find it down the page).


7. A text message will be sent from Google to your cell or landline number (you entered in the Step 6) including a six digit verification code. Enter that verification code in the box (as shown below) and click Verify (as the Verify button not shown in the picture again, same like in Step 6).


8. On this step Google will ask you if you trust this computer? Trusted computers only asked for verification code once every 30 days. So if this is your single and Personal Computer, you can remain with ticked-mark on this option and click Next, incase this is not your Personal Computer, or you cannot trust on this computer, click in the check box to remove the tick-mark, an option will pop-pup for verification again, and select the option I don’t trust this computer and than click Confirm. All done you have successfully turned on the 2-steps verification for Google services, and from now every time you enter a password to log-in to any Google service, you will get a verification code on your phone number via text message.

In the next step (Step 9), see how to access your Google Account with Google Authenticator app.


9. All the previous steps were about to how to enable 2-steps verification on Google services? In this step we will show you how to download Google Authenticator app on your Android, Apple or BlackBerry device, and how to use it with Google 2-steps verification?

First of all download any barcode read for your device. Now download Google Authenticator app for your device from the links given below and install it on your device:

Google Authenticator for Android

version 2.1 or later

Google Authenticator for Apple

iPhone iOS 3.1.3 or later

**Google Authenticator for BlackBerry

OS 4.5 - 6.0

Google Play Store

App Store

blackberry app world

**The Google Authenticator for BlackBerry Download link was not found the time we were publishing this article.

After installing the Google Authenticator app for your device, and completing the 2-steps verification process, its time to use Google Authenticator for log-in to Google account.

For Android Users Only:

10. The further steps are the same for all three platforms Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The only difference in-between is use of Google Authenticator app on your device. We will focus on Android app at the moment.

After completing the Step-8 you will referred to this page shown below. Here at the top you will see your phone number with a green tick mark on the left side, which means your phone number is successfully connected with Google services for 2-step verification.

To connect your account with Google Authenticator app – open the app on your device, and tap on Add Account. You will find two option to add an account to Google Authenticator, “Scan Barcode” and “Add account manually”, select “Scan Barcode” and the Barcode scanner app will starts. (we have tested ZXING TEAM Barcode Scanner for Android device).


To “manage application-specific passwords”, see the video clip below:

how to manage application-specific passwords using Google 2-step verification.

11. Now on your computer, click on Android (as shown in the image below), it will open another page includes a Barcode. Scan the barcode with your barcode scanner (which was turned on in previous step) and you will find your account in Google Authenticator app on your device, and a 6 digit verification code will appear on your device, put that code in that page down below (as shown in the image below), and click Verify.


Its all done and you successfully connect your Google Authenticator app with your Google account. I personally recommend that way to use Google more securely and personally.

This verification code is changing every 30 seconds on Google Authenticator app, which makes your Google account more and more secure. The amazing feature about Google Authenticator app is that its not required any internet connection to update the verification code online, and it totally works in offline mode. You can add more than one account in a single Google Authenticator app.

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