5 Top Features Your Ultrabook Must Have

5 Top Features Your Ultrabook Must Have if you prefer to buy one rather than MacBook Air.

According to your use and profession If you consider that Ultrabook suits you more than MacBook Air or you are interested to buy an Ultrabook rather than MacBook Air, so there are some actual features your Ultrabook must have.
According to style, features and something that called Trend, Apple's MacBook Air is a top Notebook but on other side Intel's super fast chipped Ultrabooks is more liked because of its compatibility and user friendly environment operating system (Windows).
So you have decided you want to buy an Ultrabook rather than a MacBook Air? Here are 5 top features to consider before making your purchase.

Quality Construction

Quality Construction - Ultrabook
Many of the unique or unusual characteristics about Ultrabooks come about because they're so thin, a height of three quarters of an inch, and even less in some cases. One of the most important of these is the systems' tendency to feel flimsy. Because most laptops don't sit at home on your desk all the time, you want the sturdiest on you can find, whether it's open or closed.


Keyboard - Ultrabook
Key travel on Ultrabooks is frequently shallow, after all, there's not a lot of room to house big, strong keys! This won't be a problem for everyone, but if you're a hard core typist or if you are going to need your laptop for work, you'll want to pay special attention to the keyboard. If you can, try typing on an Ultrabook you're interested in before you take it home to get an idea of how it feels beneath your fingers. You don't want to buy a notebook you won't enjoy typing on.

Port Selection

Port Selection - Ultrabook
The reduced height of ultrabooks causes problems with ports as well. Many systems simply don't have room for Ethernet ports, some have far fewer USB ports than you may be used to (may be only one or two), and still others may come with dongles that give you the ports but add inconvenience to the package. Knowing what you need, so you know what you'll need to put up with, is an especially good way to go here.

Touch Screen

Touch-Screen - Ultrabook
Although not a part of the standard ultrabook specs, and previously impossible to find on many systems, touch screens should now be considered a necessity. The new tile based Windows 8 interface was designed for touch, and the operating system just doesn't deliver the same experience without it. A laptop with a traditional touchpad will work, but it won't be anywhere near as intuitive. To get the most out of your Windows 8 Ultrabook, make sure it comes with a touch screen.

Wireless Display

Intel's Wireless Display technology (usually shortened to WiDi) lets you stream HD content over the air to your HDTV, rather than forcing you to connect your set to your laptop with an HDMI cable. You'll need a separate adapter, like Netgear's $100 Push2TV (pictured here), to make it work, but if you're really into entertainment you'll easily find WiDi capability worth the extra investment.




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