6 Features - Your Windows 8 Tablet Must Have

Windows 8 Build for Touchscreen Devices? Yes, but do your new Windows 8 Tablet have these 7 features?

Before going to overview these features, first we talk a little about New Windows 8 Operating System. There are two main version of Windows 8 are available for touchscreen gadgets, "Windows RT and Windows 8". 
Basically Microsoft prepare and organize this new operating system for touchscreen devices, no doubt, and doesn't matter if its RT or 8 version, but Windows RT is slightly different than 8, as it designed to be more friendly with Touchscreen devices, Internet connectivity and as well for a device with longer battery life. Although some tablets makers ( I would say) don't like it, but if we go deep inside, Windows RT is viewed as more of a tablet operating system in the mold of Apple's iOS, while Windows 8 tablets may appeal to PC users looking for backward application compatibility. 
According to PC Advisor (a technology magazine publishers), "The cheapest RT tablet is Microsoft's Surface, which starts at £399." And "Windows 8 tablets will be competitive on price, however.

Lets talk about 6 features your new Windows 8 tablet must have.

1. Application compatibility

With a few exceptions, existing Windows applications will not work on RT. This is partly because ARM processors haven't previously supported major desktop Windows client OSes. But existing applications will work on Windows 8, as previous Windows OSes over the past few decades were written primarily for Intel or AMD processors. Microsoft has adopted a new application model with Windows RT and 8, and users will be able to download apps through the Windows Store.

2. Peripherals and accessory compatibility with RT

A lack of drivers may prevent some older peripherals, such as printers or cameras, from working with RT, but that doesn't mean your peripherals won't work. It's worth checking with device makers to see whether they have drivers for RT. Dell and HP have published compatibility lists for their printers.

Read here if you searching for your PC hardware drivers, compatible with Windows 8. "Where To Download the Latest Windows 8 Drivers for Popular Hardware"

3. Memory Limit

Windows RT is only 32bit, so tablets running the OS can draw on only up to 4GB RAM. Windows 8 tablets with Intel's Clover Trail Atom chip will also be only 32bit. However, tablets with Intel's PC-like Core processors run a 64bit version of Windows 8, and can handle more RAM and storage.
Tablets are adequately served with 32bit processors today but, with the usage of demanding applications growing, storage and memory needs will increase in mobile devices. ARM has taken a step ahead by announcing its ARMv8 64bit architecture, with chips likely to appear in 2014. Microsoft has not announced its 64bit plans for Windows RT.

4. ARM processors options

Windows RT tablets have already been announced with chips from nVidia and Qualcomm, which are based on ARM processors. Microsoft's Surface, Asus' Vivo Tab RT and Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga 11 hybrid use nVidia's quad-core Tegra 3 processor, which may appeal to gamers and users looking for fast performance. Samsung's Ativ Tab and Dell's XPS 10 run Qualcomm's dual-core Snapdragon S4, which balances performance, battery life and connectivity.

5. Hardware limits

Windows RT tablets have only USB 2.0 ports. However, backward compatibility allows peripherals such as external storage devices with USB 3.0 ports to connect to RT tablets. The peripherals will work only if compatible with Windows RT, though, USB 3.0 ports are available in Windows 8 tablets running Intel's Core processors.

6. Enterprise Features

Dell and Samsung have highlighted enterprise features in RT tablets. Dell's XPS 10 tablet can be remotely disabled if lost or stolen, and software images and updates can be pushed to tablets. Dell has also included some security features such as TPM, a hardware-based cryptography and authentication technology. Samsung has included Microsoft Exchange and Cisco VPN support in its Ativ Tab.




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