Advanced Gadgets - Need or Trend

Surely you will be excited if you buy a new advanced featured iPhone 5 after recycling your ancient one. But is it your Need or its just for Trend? 

Advanced Gadgets Need or Trend?
Of course this is actually depend on your needs and requirements what you choose and why, on other hand, do this new advanced gadget suites your personality? Rarely questions these are, but we are talking about why most of people advancing to modern gadgets? Is it theirs need or just its a trend?
Regarding to many survey reports and discussions, most of people using smartphones or even a camera phone for photo-shoot obviously, it means that a camera phone is your need somehow, but buying a smartphone for photo-shoot is either a trend.
Using advanced featured gadgets is very good if it fulfils your needs and the way you will use it, but for trend I should say its just waste of money. No doubt that an advanced and latest technology device gives you more features including security benefits and more reliability as well as user friendly environment. But again depends on your requirements, otherwise it stands in style / fashion category.
So it was all about cell phone devices, now if we talk about operating systems, there are many types of it and also many cases and options which force you sometimes to select only one single operating system for your gadgets to be easily sync with all your stuff around. But to be discussed, which operating system I should select. And again according to your need and requirements you can choose  which suits you most, but don't go and waste your money to buy an operating system you couldn't operate.
Suppose, if you are a good user and know every tweak about Windows operating system and you are going to buy a MacBook, only because you passionate about Mac operating system or just because its a trend  for you somehow, one thing for sure you would give it time to learn its features and again can waste your money for sure, so learning new things isn't bad, but if Windows operating system can give you everything you want then no need to waste your time and money.

Curiosity and eagerness of modern day gadgets isn't objectionable, they are the best one's. But problem is  that if we don't have time to use its full features then why we spend extra money for it?
For example, a person who is using Intel Pentium IV PC just for media (watching movies or listening music) in part time when he free from his work, then he actually don't need to upgrade to Intel i7 Computer, although Intel i7 stands to be more powerful and can give him full HD output. On other hand a Businessman should buy a device which connects him with co-workers & business society, he will get progress reports in Excel format via email hourly maybe on the go everywhere, so if he buy a Smartphone or a kind of gadget which suits his outputs, definitely he can choose a costly device.
Choose what suits you best, choose what fits best inside your budget and even, use an older device for your old days work, and also nothing is headache if you use them friendly.




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