How to Set Up a Homegroup in Windows 7

Sharing Files, Media and Folders on any Network now a days isn't a big deal for many of Windows 7 users, but some users still find it hard to connect to Home Network to Share files with other Computers.

Definitely you can get you Answer on Google or else where very easily within a few minutes to how to get create and connect to Home Network, but while you searching and you are not a regular or pro user you will   find some articles which are written for Pro users, and you will find this hard to follow and get connected.
Here we are going to share Mr. Mike Halsey ( article, who is describing the connectivity to HomeGroup Network really simply, and hope after reading this you will be able to connect your Computer to other computers situated at your Home or Office.
Before going to the process lets read a quick tip.
Manage advanced network sharing Settings
Start and type Manage advanced sharing Settings press Enter
If you want to share documents, photos, videos and music within your home use the Network Sharing Center to check your security settings are set right. The security options are clear and easy to understand with plain English throughout. To checkout your Network Sharing options click Start and type Manage advanced sharing Settings then press Enter, and make sure your settings are same like the image below.
You can share your internet connection, Printer(s) and files. The settings here allow you to set what's shared and who can see it.
You can also share folders by Right Clicking on one or more in Windows Explorer and selecting Share with in the context menu that appears.
You can choose from users on your PC and network who the folder is shared with,   or you can share a folder with your Homegroup.

Setting up a Homegroup.

Homegroups are new to Windows 7 and they're an excellent way to share Music, Pictures, Media files and also Printers with other PCs running Windows 7 on your home network. To create a Homegroup open Network and Internet from the Control Panel and then click on Create a Homegroup.

Alternately you can type Homegroup in Search box in Start Menu. The picture showing what kind of files and stuff you want to share with other computers, after choosing one or all, click Next.
Your Homegroup is now automatically created and  you will be given a password to type in computers you want to connect with this Homegroup network.
After creating a Homegroup network, remember this is your Host PC, and you can change any setting anytime by typing Homegroup in Search bar inside Start Menu.

How to Connect to Homegroup

Now its time to connect other computers to this Homegroup network, same way, open Homegroup by the way described above, The system will show all available Homegroups (remember the host PC must be switched ON). You will be asked for the password and then what files and documents you want to share from the new PC.
In Windows 7 Homegroup an additional and useful feature is the ability to stream media to other PCs and devices. This means music and video content can start playing on the other devices without being copied across to that device. It plays on the PC it's sat on and can be seen and heard on the other.
If you are using Wi-Fi - This is how you can make better your Streaming Video or Music:
If you use a Wi-Fi network in your home and want to stream and share video consider upgrading your Wi-Fi routher from the 802.11b or 802.11g to 802.11n standard. These codes are clearly labelled on products either at online stores on in the shops. Wireless N offers much greater bandwidth than previous standards. This means that video can be sent to other PCs on your network without any worries about it stuttering during playback.




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